The Most Haunted Home in America: The Myrtles Plantation

 The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

 The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

By day, The Myrtles is a beautiful, charming house...Night gradually took over and chased away all of my romantic notions.

If you haven’t heard of The Myrtles Plantation, then read up on it. For every paranormal connoisseur it is a “must experience”, and if you haven’t already, visit the plantation. If you’re feeling extraordinarily brave, stay the night.

Touted as one of the most haunted places in America, my mom and younger sisters decided to see if it really did live up to it’s name. On their way back from a trip to New Orleans, they stopped to stay the night at The Myrtles Plantation. Below are my mom’s notes around their experiences. It is worth noting, my youngest sister, Celeste, was 12 years old at the time.

By day, The Myrtles is a beautiful, charming house that is a bit tarnished and worn around the edges by time and all that it has been through. Night gradually took over and chased away all of my romantic notions. The happy-go-lucky frogs in the charming pond by the house turned into harbingers of ghosts and goblins screeching at us from a swampy bog of doom. As the night wore on, the frogs added to the strange atmosphere of this place.

Evening. Celeste and I tried to rest in our room while it was still daylight. We started hearing knocking on the walls. It bothered Celeste so much she went outside to sit on the front porch. She came in at once and asked me what I wanted. She said I had called out her name. But I had not. This happened to Celeste a lot during our stay at The Myrtles. She came up to me several times asking if I had called her name out.

11:00pm. Most of the guests were sitting on the back porch visiting with one another. One lady was looking over my shoulder into the entry hall. She pointed towards the door and said, “Do you see that!” I turned around and saw something move on the steps. The lady was so frightened she couldn’t move. I got up and went to the door. I kept seeing a man crawling up the steps , 2/3 of the way up, he stopped and it repeated again from the bottom step. It did this 3 times. We could see the three people who had a key to those rooms, so it was not any of them. I went to grab my camera and when I returned, the “man” was gone.

(The next day, on the tour, we learned about one of the owners who had been shot when he opened the door. The man had crawled up to the 17th stair -- the same step where the apparition stopped--before dying. )

After everyone settled down, all the guests settled back into their rockers on the porch. Suddenly, I felt my left earring coming out of my ear and drop down into the front of my shirt. I could not find the earring back anywhere. I had a funny feeling that something wasn’t right about what had just happened, so I decided to ask one of the ladies, who was very familiar with the stories surrounding The Myrtles. Earlier, I had asked them not to tell us anything, so as not to influence our own experiences there that night. But I just had to know about my earring. She told me about Chloe, the slave who had her ear cut off by her master for eavesdropping. Chloe likes to remove only one of your earrings if she likes it. All of a sudden something dropped down in front of my face, between my eyes, past my nose and down the front of my shirt. It was the back of my earring! It did not roll down my neck, it fell out of thin air from somewhere above and in front of my face. 

12:30am. It suddenly became very quiet (even the frogs). Then we all heard a woman screaming between the house and the Caretaker's Cottage. And yes, that is where our room was. It just wasn’t any screaming, it was a gurgling, anguished scream full of misery.

1:30 am. Celeste started talking softly and pointing towards the courtyard. She was asking if it was daylight and who were those people. Celeste described to us what she was seeing. She saw a mother and father and their 2 daughters. There was a black man sitting in a rocking chair by a building to the side. She described them to us and what they were doing. I looked down at my feet at a cat that was standing perfectly still, looking in the direction Celeste was pointing to. (The next day I found out that the staff watches the cats’ behavior because they will see things before people are aware of the ghosts.) 

Celeste described people in clothes from the 1920s. They were eating and then the young teen girl got up and walked over to the fountain and started playing in the water. The black man sat smiling at the family while rocking in his chair. Then, Celeste said it faded away.

2:30 am. We left for a hotel. After everything that happened, Celeste was much too frightened to stay the night, so in the early hours we left the paranormal plantation to stay at the quite normal Quality Inn.

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The Myrtles Plantation,  Orb where Celeste saw the group of people dressed in 1920s attire.

The Myrtles Plantation, Orb where Celeste saw the group of people dressed in 1920s attire.

The Myrtles Plantation,   Orbs around the area of the ear-splitting scream.

The Myrtles Plantation, Orbs around the area of the ear-splitting scream.