Stress Busters for Moms and Writers: Spirit

In this series I’ve covered ways to deal with stress in your  body and mind, so this week we’ll finish up with de-stressing your spiritual side. It doesn’t really matter what your religious background is or even if you have a religion at all. We, as humans, have a spirit/soul/something that makes us more than just biological tissues with a brain. If you don’t feed your soul, all kinds of nasty emotions surface and the result is an unhappy person. So here are some ways to reconnect with the inner you.

Spirit Lady’s Top Tips for a Healthy Mind

  1. Find your passion. Oprah would say that we should ultimately choose a job that we’re passionate about, but not all of us have the luxury of doing that exact thing right now. For example, I’m passionate about writing, but I’m currently aSAHM and spend most of my day caring for my two kids, housekeeping, and making meals. But! I schedule a one hour window before the baby wakes up to dedicate to writing tasks. If I don’t take the time for myself, I become one crabby mama.
  2. Connect to something greater. Pray or go to church. Meditate. Hug a tree. I don’t care what you do as long as you’re pondering the vastness of our universe. Now I can hear you groaning, “Ugh! Meditation is really hard,” so I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t just sit and meditate. Gasp! I can’t because my kids are running around and I can’t just leave the baby unsupervised. However, I can follow along with a guided meditation in the car, then if I get distracted, I just come back to the person’s voice. Dr. Doreen Virtue is one of my favorites. Or I listen to meditation music while I write or take a walk.
  3. FREEDOM! Remember when you were a kid and you had absolutely no responsibilities and you could play outside with the neighbor kids for hours? Give yourself a window of freedom in your schedule where you can do anything. Or nothing. I love to watch TV, read, or go for walks during my free time.
  4. Deal with burnout. We’ve all experienced it, but just ignoring burnout will make things much worse. Burnout happens to me sometimes as a mom, because I’m just so tired of feeling like Cinderella and the Little Old Woman in the Shoe combined. And–ha!–I only have two kids. So here’s how I deal. First of all, embrace the crashing and burning phase where you feel absolutely awful, need to talk it out, scream, cry, whatever. We are humans and must deal with emotion, so give yourself a full day for a pity party. Then change it up. Make your life different even if it’s in a small way. Enroll in a funk dance class, try a new route to work or the grocery store, or rearrange your furniture.

With spring finally arriving (thank God), I hope we can all put our winter blues aside for several months. Hope you enjoyed this series on eliminating stress from your life.

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I’m Spirit Lady. Enjoy the journey 

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