World Religions: Let's Explore

My husband and I have been seeking out new churches. And on this beautiful journey to find out where we belong, we have come across St. Paul’s Methodist Church. St. Paul’s runs Wednesday night classes where the kids do their own activities and the parents get to learn. Hubby and I signed up for the Christianity and World Religions class.

My plan with this next series of blog posts is not to reiterate what I learn in the classes. And I do not have the knowledge base (or space in a single post) to explain each of the world religions. That said, I do have personal experience with each of the world religions. On the one hand, hubby is from Malaysia, a Muslim country, which has practicing Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus, too. Magically, they live in harmony there. Also, his family are all Hindu, so I will share my photos and stories about faraway Malaysia and its cultural variety. On the other hand, I am from the Midwest of America. The town I grew up in has very little diversity. The town I currently live in has very little diversity. Actually, an arsonist burned down the local mosque in the town that I now live. Luckily, my family brought me up to love other cultures and I would say that most people in the Midwest are peace-loving and accepting of others.

The next five posts have the potential to ruffle some feathers simply because they deal with religion, which makes us face our differences. Dealing with “the other” upsets some people. That is not my intention. My intention is to share my personal experiences; those moments when my life adventure has allowed me to meet people of other faiths and understand their customs. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight.

*Originally posted on The Literary Ladies Blog