How to Take a Spiritual Bath

In Emergence, Papa Moses instructs Sophie to take spiritual baths because she's crossed. I learned about spiritual baths and hoodoo from Rootman Venu when he gave a presentation about the topic in Joplin, MO, a few years ago. Because I was working on The Voodoo Butterfly Series, I scribbled pages of notes as Venu spoke, so that I could incorporate his information and make my series more authentic.

I asked Rootman Venu to conjure a batch of 13 Herb Bath.

Here's the instructions for taking a spiritual bath:

Rise before dawn with enough time to bathe before sunrise. In silence, draw your bath. Add minerals, teas or bath crystals. If desired, you can dress two white candles, such as tea lights, with Blessing Oil, & put on outer corners of tub. Pray the appropriate Psalm & prayer. Pour bath water over self a certain number of times (for Uncrossing, 13x) Save a portion of the bathwater. When exiting the tub, visualize yourself as passing through a gate of light, being reborn as you step out of the tub. Air dry. Dress in clean, white clothing. Go to the crossroads with bathwater. Throw to the East over your left shoulder, before or at the Sunrise, going home, and not looking back. In the case of Uncrossing/13 Herb work, you would pray the 37th Psalm & pour the water over your head 13x.

I woke around 5 AM.

The packet of 13 Herb Bath smelled like Ricola cough drops and looked like Papa Moses' Wacky Tobacky. As I tinkered around the kitchen and brought the pitcher of infused water up to our bathroom, Hubby was probably like, "What is she DOING in there!" But he stayed in bed.

After I poured the water over my head 13 times, it took a lot longer to air dry than I anticipated, so I was thankful for the warm weather. Decided to drive to a crossroads by the train tracks near my house because it's a quiet spot and kind of a double crossroads.

Here's me leaving my bad mojo behind.