Deleted Scene: Sophie Bumps into a Mind Change Target from Her Past

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read FLIGHT, book 3 in The Voodoo Butterfly Series, you might not want to read this.

I loved this scene, where we get to see Tom again. Tom was Sophie’s first successful mind change target from book 1 in the series. He goes after her in the climax of the book, when she leaves St. Louis Cathedral, where Easter Vigil is happening. Tom actually pulls a gun on Sophie, intending to rob her.

Saint Louis Cathedral with Second Line on the Street; My Family in the Foreground

Saint Louis Cathedral with Second Line on the Street; My Family in the Foreground

"Sophie?" A man’s voice from behind me.

I turned to see Tom Dillard, who was my first successful mind change target. He had tried to rob me at gunpoint last Easter, but my magic kicked in and I was able to perform the spell all by myself. 

"Tom! " I said, giving him a quick hello hug. "How are you?"

"Really great," he said. 

Over the past year, I had checked in on Tom at his tattoo parlor on Bourbon Street and gotten to know him better and learned about what was going on in his life. Before I performed a mind change on him, his business has been failing, his house was in foreclosure, and he was going through a messy divorce and custody battle. 

Since then, he made changes to make sure his business was in the black and he could get his finances in order. His divorce did go through, but since he'd been attending AA meetings and his house was no longer in foreclosure, his ex-wife agreed to let him have partial custody of his kids.  

“Business is good. Still going to my meetings. My life’s definitely in a better place than when we first met,” Tom said. “Been hearing about all the good things Sacred Power is doing in the city.”

Sacred Power had teamed up with some local churches to help the elderly and disabled people who needed help with home maintenance and yard work. Most Sundays over the past several weeks, Poppy and I were out helping fix porch railings, clean gutters, or prune back overgrown landscape. My loa, Marie Laveau, had suggested that we “help the city’s poor” in one of her impromptu visits into my head. I told Yolanda and she got right on it, starting the initiative.

During her lifetime, our beloved Marie showed a lot of compassion for the poor of this city. Sacred Power can help serve our ancestor by fulfilling her wishes, Yolanda had said. I was just grateful that Yolanda and I were on the same team. Since the fiasco with Margaret and Eva, Yolanda had taken over as my mentor and she had actually taken a liking to me.

“It was great seeing you,” Tom said, enveloping me in another hug. “I’ll drop by your shop sometime.”

“Okay, sounds good,” I said. “Bye, Tom.”

My heart swelled. I loved bumping into my mind change targets and catching up with them after the fact. Many of the people I changed just felt backed into a corner. My spell helped eradicate all the negative emotional gunk from their mind, body, and spirit, which enabled them to think more clearly, make good choices, and overcome their inner demons. 

“Hopefully more people are noticing all the good we’re doing in the community,” Poppy said, as we walked down the street. 

“Let’s go try some wedding cake,” I said, trying to sound excited about wedding planning now.