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Sophie Nouveau ventures to faraway Malaysia to seek answers about why her true love, Taj, broke up with her and returned to his homeland. When she gets there, she realizes something has been haunting Taj’s kid brother. But is it mental illness or black magic?

While Sophie’s a world away, a customer claims she is poisoned by a potion from Seraphina’s House of Voodoo. As a result, the FDA shuts down Sophie’s shop pending an investigation into the incident. So she rushes back to New Orleans only to realize a traitor is at the root of all this bad mojo. That person, who’s in cahoots with Dr. Bones, wants to usurp the title of Voodoo Queen from the Papillon family line forever.


Soul Mate Publishing | April 2019

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Voodoo shop owner Sophie Nouveau has it all: love, purpose, and the magical ability to change evil people good. Following in her family’s otherworldly footsteps, she emerges into the New Orleans voodoo community by taking part in a public voodoo baptism. However, she still hasn’t told Taj, the love of her life, about the paranormal skeletons in her closet. So when he leaves the country indefinitely and without explanation, she realizes they are both masters at keeping secrets. And since true love is the source of Sophie’s Mind Changer spell, she not only loses her soul mate, she loses her ability to protect herself and her city against an emerging threat.


Soul Mate Publishing | June 2018

  • "Finished Emergence this morning....was almost late to work because I HAD to finish the! I really, really enjoyed it! Can't wait for the follow up!"--From fan, Micheale

  • "Just came home from work and read the last chapter, loved the whole thing!" --From fan, Jamie

  • "This author is a breath of fresh air. LOVE both books & cannot wait for more. A definite page-turner. Keep them coming!" --From fan, Lori

  • "OMG, these books are so amazing. Been to New Orleans twice, such an intriguing and interesting place. Decided to take up reading while camping, couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the sequel." --From fan, Linda

  • “She did it again!!! I was in bed exhausted at 3 AM, eyes burning with tears rolling out, but I could not put this book down! It kept me at the edge of my seat, psychological thriller should be added to the description. There were so many unexpected & exciting twists & turns. I especially love the character development. If you haven’t read Voodoo Butterfly this is still a good stand alone book, but it’s so much better if you do read it first. I hope this author adds a new series about Yolanda & Margaret, and another about Jacques. They were so much fun to get to know. There were some new characters introduced and they are as equally entertaining. I am dying to find out what happens next, spoiler alert - there is a cliffhanger.” --From fan, Dawn

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Voodoo Butterfly

When twenty-five-year old Sophie Nouveau inherits her grandmother's voodoo shop she knows nothing about voodoo. Or her family's history of Mind Changers, who have the power to change evil people to good.

Voodoo Butterfly

Soul Mate Publishing | October 2014

  • "I was completely blown away by this debut novel from Camille Faye." --Ethan Gregory, One Guy's Guide to Good Reads

  • "I stayed up WAY too late a few night reading this excellent book!" --Ronda Del Boccio, Write On Purpose

  • "Camille Faye is a fresh, new voice in the writing world. Voodoo Butterfly is mysterious, magical, and suspenseful." --R.H. Burkett, award-winning paranormal author

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NYMB...On Being a Mom

The stories in this book are guaranteed to entertain and delight. And remember—moms do know more than their kids when it comes to the real world!

Thrill Ride

In this nonfiction essay, Camille uses her experience on a turbulent flight to Bali, with her toddler son, husband, and Malaysian in-laws, as a metaphor for motherhood.

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My First Year in the Classroom

This moving collection is sure to motivate new and veteran teachers alike.

Here's to Bad Teaching Days

Camille shares what she learned as a college writing instructor. In this nonfiction essay, she lists what she took away from her first year of teaching.

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Cuivre River Anthology Vol. IV

This is a collection by authors who are associated with Saturday Writers, a chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild.

Pink Shoes

This nonfiction essay explores those tough middle school years when kids made fun of Camille's no-name-brand shoes.

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