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Voodoo Butterfly discussion questions for your book club.

Professional experience:

During her years as a university Composition instructor and writing center tutor, Camille worked with hundreds of writers from varying backgrounds and skill levels on many types of writing projects. She can work with writers in a variety of environments from large lectures to hands-on writing workshops with small groups. During Camille's presentations, participants are encouraged to work on and discuss current writing projects in order to apply the techniques being taught.  

Camille has an M.A. in English with specializations in Composition, Creative Writing, and American Literature. She has traditionally published short stories, poetry, essays, and her award-winning novel, Voodoo Butterfly. She is also a long-time member of the Missouri Writers' Guild and its chapters, Saturday Writers and the Joplin Writers' Guild. 

Current Workshop Descriptions:

The Writing Essentials: From Prewriting to Revision
In this workshop, Camille draws on her experience teaching hundreds of students as a university writing instructor and writing center tutor. Writers utilize a variety of skills throughout the writing process, including prewriting, drafting, collaboration, revision, and editing. Camille covers the different thinking and writing processes at each stage, as well as strategies to master each essential part of the writing process.

Specters & Suspense: Keep Readers Awake All Night
As an award-winning paranormal author, Camille implements elements of suspense and the paranormal in her own fiction to keep readers wanting more. Regardless of what genre an author writes, these writing tips will result in a novel that makes readers stay awake for, “Just one more chapter.”

Re-Vision Is Not Tinkering
Newbie writers, and even some published authors, can spend hours, days, or even years tweaking sentences and words on the page. They may never actually finish their work in progress, much less submit to publishers, editors, or agents. True revision focuses on seeing a piece of writing with new eyes and making changes that will truly impact the big ideas presented in the writing.